Top 8 Best Clash Royale Cards

The big Clash Royale player Woody took the trouble to analyze recently the decks played by the world top 100 in the previous season and reported his results in the article on Reddit.

The Top 8 Most Played Cards in Clash Royale:

This season, gargoyle troops have reached the top of the rankings. The top players now prefer the gargoyles instead of the mega gargoyle as recent support, while the log remains an excellent spell, excellent for quickly cycling its deck as to defend against the numerous troops with little HP.

Since the re-integration of the fourth skeleton, the skeleton card has been returned to the top of the ranking, now highly prized respond to ground troops targeting buildings for a paltry elixir cost. Level spells, the meta promotes without surprise the fireball and the zap. The musketeer, excellent support of also arrives in top 8, a few places above the mega gargoyle.

As for the conditions of victory, the giant is still the best card, although it is slightly less used in front of the pig and hog rider, explaining the presence of the tower of hell in the upper part of the rank.

Tournaments on Clash Royale:

FDJ continues today by announcing in Press┬árelease that its first tournament called “FDJ Open Series” will take place this weekend and the players participating will have to compete in the game Clash Royale.

Finally, these FDJ Open Series will be broadcast and commented live by the host Trapa, but also on Youtube as well as on Twitch. announced its entry into the eSport with the launch of three competitions in partnership with Web media and also foresees the creation of the FDJ Masters League, a professional competition with two seasons in a year, in addition to the FDJ Gaming Tour Which will consists of physical competitions throughout France during the summer in free mobile games.